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Genetec Security Center is a truly unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition, intrusion detection, and communications within one intuitive and modular solution.



Unification operations for intuitive & effective security management

The unified security platform from Genetec that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your company’s operations. e.g.: access control, video surveillance, communications, intrusion detection, analytics.

Security Center empowers your organization through: enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, connectivity to the cloud

Integration is not unification

With integration, organizations are still deploying distinct security solutions from multiple vendors, purchasing multiple servers, attending multiple vendor-specific training, maintaining several systems.

A true unification allows an organization to deploy a single platform that embeds multiple security systems, minimizes IT infrastructure expenditures, and reduces your total cost of ownership.

Security Center core systems

At the core of Security Center, you’ll find Omnicast, Synergis, and AutoVu, our solutions for video management, access control, and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). Through an open architecture approach, you further strengthen your security by tapping into a suite of core modules, add-ons, and integrations with third-party security devices and systems. Unification not only provides greater awareness and control, but it also avoids the drawbacks of traditional security systems, such as limited connectivity between applications, compatibility issues, and complicated maintenance.

A truly unified operator experience

Unlike integrated systems that simply connect a variety of security applications to share data, Security Center delivers an unparalleled unified operator and user experience. From a single monitoring application at their workstation or in a security operations control room, operators view the entire security environment. And, with information correlated before their eyes, they benefit from greater awareness and operational insights. This improves their decision-making and reaction time, augmenting the safety of your people and organization.


The Genetec™ unified security experience

Access control and video entities are natively supported in the Security Center platform (one environment)

When a unified system update is released, users upgrade the platform hassle-free for both ACS and video and without coordinating between multiple vendors

Choose from a wide range of controllers and electronic locks from different hardware vendors supported by the same unified system

A unified platform is easier and quicker to deploy as all entities are aggregated in one system ensuring no duplicate work (i.e. camera directly assigned to doors, areas, and zones)

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