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System Maintenance Services

Maintenance and upkeeping of your company’s hardware and software is important as an excellent after-sales service further optimizes and assures the life cycle of a system.

Here at Sensorlink, we have a well-trained in-house repair team that can accommodate repairs and troubleshooting of your faulty equipment.

Our team of Certified Engineers is specialized in troubleshooting on-site should you require it.

At Sensorlink we provide a wide range of services that covers the below system services:

  • CCTV system
  • Card Access System
  • Control Intruder Alarm System

We also welcome system owners to discuss with us their maintenance challenges. We are ready to work out a maintenance solution to up-keep your system.

CCTV System

CCTV System is surveillance for offices and premises used for monitoring multiple situations and environments.

  1. Ensuring and check on all cables and conduit are properly supported, undamaged, and showing no signs of wear.
  2. Checking sound physical fixings of all equipment including loosening or corrosion of support and fixings including towers and brackets.
  3. Quality tuning on the picture quality of each camera and correct monitor selection.
  4. Always making sure automatic and remote control camera functions are satisfactory and that camera movement and fields of view are free from obstruction.
  5. Performance of the system(s) continues to meet the agreed specification/operational requirement.

Card Access System

Card Access System is an access control card that works with the access control system to act as a key, granting access and restricting access.

  1. Ensuring all card access doors are in good working condition.
  2. Checking of looking devices, power supply, back-up battery, emergency break glass.
  3. Making sure all the communication link is up and running.
  4. Monitoring software for all the settings and databases, test with communication for downloading.
  5. Checking the event and the report to ensure proper operation.
  6. Cleaning dusting of all the equipment.

Control Intruder Alarm System

Control Intruder Alarm System analyzes both signals and triggers of an alarm only in the case of simultaneous detection of an intruder.

  1. Ensuring all the zoning sensors are in good working condition.
  2. Ensuring all the power supply and back-up battery on all the intruder alarm system equipment.
  3. The monitoring software and the interface between alarm and CCTV (preset) for proper operation.
  4. Setting and checking of alarm preset to all zoning locations.
  5. Ensuring all sirens are functioning and working properly.
  6. Checking and cleaning of all the equipment to ensure optimized performance.

We will try to fit your requirement and specifications and work out the scope of a specific service of work to upkeep your system.

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