NUCLEUS Packaged Solution | Facilities Management and Security

Improving Facilities Management and Security

Facilities management and security are among the important pillars of a building. They are around to ensure safety and smooth operations across the building.

In this digital age, we are now living at a much faster pace with a shorter attention span. Places that provide services such as hotels and universities should be in tip-top condition at all times as customers patronise the place on a daily basis. This leaves a very small margin of allowed downtime for the team to react to situations as there is only so much a human can do canvasing a large area that he or she is responsible for.

NUCLEUS Packaged Solution is a near zero support solution that is aimed at optimising the efficiency of facilities management and security department. It makes monitoring and action management more systematic and precise, thus employees can focus on the tasks at hand to further improve operations.


The main features include:

1) Incident Reporting & Management

A mobile incident reporter app can be carried by any staff at all times for prompt incident reporting. All reports are sent back to the command centre for instant incident management. The incident reporter app can also be used by facility management staff to report FM incidents. Incidents are consolidated on a management dashboard and can be tracked for status (pending/completed), and sorted by date/time for weekly and monthly reports.

Incident Reporting and Management










2) Asset Annotation

NUCLEUS provides an object library to allow operator to perform 2D planning (useful during complex incidents that requires ad-hoc annotation, e.g. last spotted location of suspect/vehicle, or location of fire)

Asset Annotation









Other features includes:

2D Models of Building

CCTV Integration

Virtual Tour & Bookmarks

Scenario Management

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