News | Genetec 5.10.3 is here


Genetec 5.10.3 is here


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  Security Center 5.10.3 is now available! The minor yet worthy release of our unified security platform includes features to optimize operators situational awareness and enhance cybersecurity across your systems. Time to find out now.  

All new mini-map

  Monitoring over a large scale site can be challenging as it make it difficult for operators to see what’s going on locally without losing sight of the entire facility. The new mini-map shows up in the image map as an overlay with a highlighted section to show where the operator are currently zoomed in.  

Work seamlessly across time zones

  Using a single account for site with different time zone can be challenging when it comes to configuring devices in different time zone. With this new release, user can configure global schedules that take into consideration the local time of source entities for event-to-actions. This will enable user to configure their device without the need to consider time difference between each location.  

Latest cybersecurity enhancements

  In the latest release, the cybersecurity of the system is further enhanced by encrypting custom fields at rest in the database to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.  

Integration with BEST Wi-Q lock

  Genetec Security Center now supports the widely deployed BEST Wi-Q Gateways and wireless locks through the Mercury LP4502 controllers. This integration will enable the system to receive “access granted “ and “access denied” door events.  
  Reference: -5.10.3  

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