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To succeed in today’s competitive environment, you must carefully manage your company’s financial and human resources. Is your staff spending too much time counting money and not able to focus on other duties assigned? Or your business is suffering losses due to counterfeit bills? Or account imbalances entailing to delay in finance reconciliation report? If all these sound familiar to you, we can provide tools to help you resolve the issues and manage money handling effectively and efficiently in your organization.


Fast and accurate banknote counting including advance counterfeit money detection. Eliminates counting errors and reduce time you spend counting bills. In addition, Safescan banknote counter also check for counterfeits using sophisticated multi-point technology, giving you peace-of-mind in money handling and run your business smoothly.

  • 7-point counterfeit detection
  • Check and count up to 21 currencies
  • CIS technology – accepts polymer notes counting, enables serial-number scanning
  • 100% accuracy
  • Extended warranty


Fast and easy counting and sorting of coins for multiple currencies. Simply pour all the coins from your till or bag into the hopper without needing to sort them in advance. Save time, and hassle-free in managing your coins!


Protect your business from accepting counterfeit money.

In our increasingly high-tech world, it’s all too easy to create sophisticated fakes that naked eye will never catch. Safescan’s automatic counterfeit detectors using the latest multi-point detection technology with proven 100% accuracy helps to detect and protect your business from counterfeit crime. Say ‘No’ to counterfeits!

Start running your business efficiently by investing in the right tool

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