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Mobile, Biometric, Access Card

Suprema-Security that starts from your finger-tip

Suprema is a leading global provider of access control includes platform and hardware, with the flexible architecture system to meet different security requirements based on scale and structure of an organization.



Suprema has provided different type of access control solution and hardware with,


Suprema web-based, open, and integrated security platform such as Bio-Star 2 has provides comprehensive functionality for access control, time & attendance management, visitor management.

With the Suprema contactless mobile solution, users will not need to carry an access card with them anymore. Suprema Mobile Access enables to use smart phone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more without lighting up your smartphone screen.  

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric access control system such as BioStation and Face Station terminal is giving the new door access experience that enables improved security across all doors, for organizations of all sizes. The Suprema’s Fusion Matching technology combines the IR and visual face recognition with unique deep learning algorithm to achieve exceptional authentication accuracy and industry’s best anti-spoofing performance. It compatible with all ethnicities and facial variations such as faces wearing masks, glasses, hats, beards, niqabs, various hairstyles, etc.

RF Readers supports multi RFID card standards including 125Khz EM, Wiegand format card, 13.56 MHz MIFARE, MIFARE PLUS, DESFire EV1/EV2, FeliCa, NFC and BLE.  

Mobile Readers provides cardless and carefree by using smartphones and credentials to support multiple credential options of QR codes, Mobile Access, RFID cards and fingerprints, offering maximum system design flexibility.

Suprema CoreStation is an intelligent door controller which biometric enabled security over a centralized access control system.

It’s designed for enterprise-level systems, which can store up to 500,000 users with fingerprint matching speed up to 400,000 match/sec and up to 5 million event logs.

Suprema CoreStation cans simultaneous matching speed up to 8 devices in 1 second. With the improved security, CoreStation equips with secure communication via TL12 and AES-256 encryption.

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