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Mass Data Storage Solution

Seagate- Mass Data Storage Solutions

A tightly integrated portfolio, engineered for hyper scale storage efficiency and frictionless data mobility.

Seagate is a leading global mass data storage solutions provider with breakthrough cloud storage services, systems, hard drives, solid state drives and more for over 40 years.


Seagate has provided different type of hard drive and storage services:

Internal Drives

SkyHawk™ drives are smart, safe, and secure for NVR applications. It has leverages Seagate’s extensive experience in designing drives purpose-built for surveillance applications.

SkyHawk’s  Solution:

– Leverage up to 8 TB for 24×7 workloads with SkyHawk video drives

– Enhanced with ImagePerfect™ —the faster, more efficient, quieter drive designed for DVR and NVR systems.

Enterprise Drives

Always on and always working, the Exos E series of hard drives is loaded with advanced options for optimal performance, reliability, security and user-definable storage management, it designed to work and perform consistently in enterprise-class workloads.


The Seagate® Exos™ 7E10 enterprise hard drive confidently stores up to 10 TB of data without sacrificing performance.


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