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Unauthorized Removals are Totally Eliminated

RFID Keys and Asset Management System offers an intelligent solution for managing, tracking and auditing keys, assets and valuables. To meet industry requirements, the system is customizable with different storage option such as keys, vehicles, latops, weapons and radio handsets.

It operates on the contactless RFID technology and German engineered locking mechanism to identify and secure the assets. Only authorize users can access the system via an access card, pin number, or biometric.

RFID Keys and Asset Management Solves your problems :

  • No more unauthorized keys and valuables being taken
  • No more rely an administrator to manual record each withdrawals and return
  • Clearly knows where does this “lost” key belong to and who is the last one who use it



Cabinet & Roller Shutter Series

Manage up to 2048 key slots with choice of having steel clear window or roller shutter door which is ideal for confined spaces where a conventional proves too obtrusive.

cabinet and roller series-01

Customized Series

Combine various types of cabinets, housings and panels to safe-keeping critical company assets, such as vehicle keys, laptops, radio handsets and many more.

customize series pic-01

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