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Retail security systems offer unique video security solutions for protecting customers, co-workers and employees. Video analytic is also powerful management tool, assisting your retail establishment to assess traffic flow, customer purchasing behavior or helping to reconcile POS transactions.

The ultimate cash-management deposit system for medium- and large-sized retail businesses handling large amounts of cash. Combining high-speed note-or note and coin – validation and real-time monitoring of cash levels and pre-credit into one cash deposit system. Cash handling solutions is designed to replace manual deposit safes by providing an automated system to count, secure and manage cash that is inserted into the unit. The introduction of Electronic shelf label aims to propel retail businesses towards a digital and sustainable environment, making way for a reduction in overheads and carbon footprint.




  • Video analytics as a tool to optimize business includes features such as traffic flow, traffic heat map and more.
  • The benefits of implementing of the cash management machine is to reducing the cost of cash transportation and reconciliation, theft deterrence also reducing management time for oversight of cash.
  • Video surveillance integrated with POS transactions
  • Integration of video surveillance with access control for accurate staff attendance record
  • 24/7 remote monitoring tracking
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