Aviation Security System | Video Security System | Perimeter Intruder Detection System | Powerful Surveillance System


Aviation security and public safety initiative have called for the deployment of a variety of video security technologies.

It also refers to monitor staff, passengers or even aircraft from any malicious harm, crime and other threats.


  • Perimeter Intruder Detection System that acts to detect, deter and delay perimeter breach.
  • Powerful surveillance system with advanced built-in features:
    • High optical zooming with video analytics capability
    • Scalable LED video wall with high resolution, multi vision video playback
    • Active, real-time threat management
    • Multilayer plan manager for easy and flexible monitoring
    • From mobile video streaming, its allows you to remotely monitor or access your activities anywhere and anytime.
    • Smarter video analytics solutions also helps greater accuracy and higher level of protection like face detection, object tracking, loitering, intruder and etc.
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