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Premier Performance Network Camera Solutions




Selecting the right surveillance camera solutions for your organization can be challenging, so we want to make things as easy as possible so that your business can run smoothly and efficiently.
Providing accurate consulting on security solutions is crucial to ensure it meets your organization’s budget and requirements. Companies who are looking to deploy a large number of cameras at multiple locations may have a limited budget to do so and yet they may not be prepared to compromise on image quality or camera functionality.

Illustra has premier performance security solutions to suit all organizational environments, which are critical that the videos captured on the CCTV are superb quality to ensure greater situational awareness to the operators. It suits for Offices, Banks, Prison, Railway, Gas utilities and more.

Illustra Standard Network Camera Series

The Illustra Standard Network series cameras are versatile, scalable and AI-Enabled security solution that meets a unique needs in today’s demanding business environment. It supports H.265 video compression technology, saving bandwidth & storage, giving customers a better monitoring experience and cost savings.

All Illustra Standard Network series cameras are NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) compliant and equipped with smart features that supports edge analytics including basic IVA and AI based.

The Illustra Enterprise range A-series provides high megapixel image quality with features like innovative low-light performance, True Wide Dynamic up to 120dB optimized infrared performance with Smart Infrared and etc.

The Illustra Commercial range V-series includes intelligent features like Facial Detection, Recognition & Identification and Smart non-false alarm.

The Illustra Commercial E-series range features a user experience that includes various kinds of mounting accessories to fit diverse user scenarios and ONVIF profile.

More reliability key features across all Illustra Enterprise and Commercial cameras includes:
Enterprise range A-series – triple power supply, P-Iris
Commercial range V-series –  cyber security, backfilling via iAPI3/HAPI3 open protocols for integration
Commercial E-series – dual power supply and IK10/IP67