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High performance AI Megapixel Camera Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more broadly adopted across industries, it is likely to be more widely incorporated in video surveillance in the upcoming year. Edge-based AI (which filters and processes data locally on a camera) will be more ubiquitous, enabling end-to-end AI technology.
Today, most security cameras send the data they collect to servers to be analyzed. However, with Hanwha edge-based AI, the data is analyzed by the camera first, and subsequently sent to the server. This reduces the burden of transferring and storing large amounts of data to a server, thereby increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing server costs typically required to analyze data.

  • Accuracy of event monitoring reduces the occurrence of false alarm
  • Classification of  target or objects with key attributes
  • BestShots for minimizing storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Wisenet SSM, the best partner for AI smart search


Wisenet Artificial Inteligence Camera

Latest Hanwha Wisenet P series AI cameras differentiate what it sees into broad categories such as ‘Person’, ‘Face’, ‘Vehicle’ and ‘license plate’. Delving deeper, Wisenet AI algorithms are quickly and accurately able to identify the different attributes of the objects within the camera’s field of view. For example, the camera sees a person and immediately detects the color of clothing. It is also intelligent enough to distinguish whether the person is wearing glasses or holding a bag. These attributes are then saved as metadata alongside the captured footage

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