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Genetec: Security Center 5.11 Released


 09.09.2022 – Customers will have access to every module of Security Center, such as Omnicast (video monitoring),

Synergis (access control), AutoVu (automatic license plate recognition), Sipelia (intercom) and intrusion monitoring.


 Genetec Security Center 5.11 simplifies the path to uni cation with a redefined product model. 



What are the Advantages of Security Center 5.11?


With version 5.11, customers will have access to every module of Security Center:

  • Omnicast (video monitoring)
  • Synergis (access control)
  • AutoVu (automatic license plate recognition)
  • Sipelia (intercom) and
  • Intrusion monitoring

“With Security Center 5.11, customers, existing or new, can now benefit from all the value

that a unified security system provides right out of the box. This simplified offering

eliminates any barrier to entry for organizations looking to get the most out of their

security system and move to a unified system,” explains Christian Morin, Vice President

of Product Engineering and Chief Security Officer at Genetec. 


What Features Does Security Center 5.11 include?


Beyond simplifying the path to unification, Security Center 5.11 includes a wide spectrum of powerful features as standard including:

KiwiVision analytics:

  • Privacy Protector
  • People Counting
  • Security Video Analytics
  • Camera Integrity


  • Visitor Management
  • advanced mapping functions
  • threat level management

Web App for Modern Browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge


The new version of Security Center also features the brand-new Genetec Web App, a map-centric, portable, and intuitive interface that can be deployed on any machine/device with a modern browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. This allows customers to monitor their facility, quickly respond to incidents in real-time, follow guided procedures, collaborate with other operators, and manage card holders, from wherever they are.


Empowering Users Who are not Traditional Security Operators to Interact with the Security Platform


The new Genetec Web App extends enterprise security beyond the SOC (Security Operations Center) and empowers users who are not traditional security operators to interact with the security platform based on their role and needs. The app may be used by a security manager wanting to look in on a satellite location remotely, or by a receptionist who needs to manage visitor access, for example. With event monitoring, cardholder management, and incident management, the Genetec Web App goes beyond security monitoring, in an intuitive, lightweight, web-based interface. 

The Genetec Web App also drastically simplifies investigations of specific events or incidents where very little is known about what happened except for where and when it occurred. Operators can easily produce reports that focus on specific types of events or investigate everything within a specific area and time range.  


Migration of Existing Security Equipment to a Hybrid-cloud Architecture

  Security Center 5.11 brings compatibility with the upcoming Streamvault Edge. Ideally suited for multi-site operations such as banking, retail, or businesses with remote or unmanned sites, Streamvault Edge simpli es the migration of existing security equipment to a hybrid-cloud architecture. The solution makes cameras cloud ready and enables secure local storage on cloud managed appliances while removing the need for advanced IT expertise at remote sites.    
  Reference: GIT Security  

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