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Stratocast™ Connections

Stratocast is a unique service that records video in the cloud, eliminating the need for any on-premises servers.
Easily set up cameras across multiple distributed locations, and monitor video from a central site.

Eliminate the need for onsite servers with a unique service that records video in the cloud.
Able to deploy your video surveillance system in seconds with no servers or software to install and without any IT involvement for ongoing maintenance or updates.
Stratocast connects to other Security Center systems and offers you a simple way to deploy your ecosystem’s remote cameras and centrally monitor multi-site systems.

Key benefits:

  • Monitor video and search archives from Stratocast web and mobile apps or from Security Center
  • All video is stored in triplicate in the cloud, ensuring greater protection of recordings
  • 5% Uptime Guarantee backed by a Genetec SLA
  • Video can be correlated with other system events, including alarms, access control, and intrusion events, in Security Center


Allows organizations and SMEs to reduce on-site hardware and time spent administering their system by moving Federation and management servers in the cloud.
The service’s highly elastic architecture enables additional systems to be added to a Federation, as an organization expands its operations across additional locations, without commissioning new hardware at the central site thus saving operational cost in the long run.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce servers and administration required to centralize monitoring across multiple Security Center systems
  • Federation head-end is always up-todate with the latest Security Center releases and integrations, without IT involvement or maintenance
  • Subscription-based service provides greater purchase flexibility by avoiding lump sum investment in software and servers
  • Easily scale the number of remote sites within the Federation, and ensure version compatibility across all federated systems

Cloud Archives

Cloud Archives is a unique service from Genetec that enables organizations to maintain video recordings in the cloud, all while continuing to leverage their existing Security Center system. With this hybrid cloud service, customers have greater flexibility to increase or decrease their storage capacity, without the need to purchase additional hardware. Security Center operators can seamlessly access video from Cloud Archives, allowing them to quickly view and search archived video, whether located on-premise or in the cloud.

Key benefits:

  • Ensure video evidence is stored in a secure, off-site location by transferring incidents and critical events to the cloud
  • Rapidly retrieve recorded video stored on-premises or in the cloud from your Security Center system whenever a review is required
  • Seamlessly increase cloud storage capacity as retention periods increase or as more recordings are transferred to the cloud
  • Reduce capital expenditures and maintenance costs of on-site storage hardware
  • Comply with retention policies
  • Protect against failure and disasters

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