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Intelligent Key Cabinet Customized Series

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Our customized smart storage system identify which ever staff who holds your company important assets. It can controls access to selected staff with full audit and reporting capabilities. Staff can identify them self by RFID card, pin number, or biometrics like finger print to allow them to access the items they are authorized to take hold. This ensures a complete accountability of company’s shared portable equipment. There are several types of equipment that works well with the help of this system.

Weapons management

54077692 - police gun
Weapons with or without ammunition can be
safeguard reliably allowing only authorized
personal to remove for usage and return. .

Equipment Management

Plan your equipments and secure their
availability ahead. With their usage log recorded
precisely you can beter plan the amount and their use.

Radio Handset Management

Store and charge your radio equipment at
same time. Effectively monitor their removal
and return. Charging station are inside to
ensure their are always ready for you.

I would like to know more solution on customized series