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Cloud Video Surveillance

The Eagle Eye’s open, true cloud platform & artificial intelligence (AI) allow you to transform your video surveillance system into a more powerful critical business intelligence platform.



The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS equips you with:

The true cloud video solution offers users to process and manage their videos in the cloud. Due to that, they could enjoy benefits such as scalability, flexibility, accessibility and reliability.

Eagle Eye provides easy installation, simple setup, central management, multisite viewing, storage retention flexibility, etc.

Eagle Eye VMS is built and maintained by cybersecurity experts. It offers secure encryption to buffered and locally-recorded video, constant monitoring against potential cyber threats, no onsite software to patch, triple redundant video storage, and two-factor authentication.

Eagle Eye’s open architecture allows unlimited integration to users, giving them the freedom to add new applications. Its open API platform offers greater customization, a lower total cost of ownership, strong cybersecurity, etc.

Video analytics can easily determine the entering and exiting of people to monitor customer traffic flow patterns that help in operation and marketing. It could also provide insights into employee behaviours & customer interactions, also whether people are following the procedures and whether training is appropriate & effective.

Eagle Eye not only protects your people and property but also provides insight to help your business to grow and strive.

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