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Simplified Employee Management through a cloud based time attendance

Looking for a single, easy-to-use system that can handle all your timesheet, scheduling and reporting needs? TimeMoto is a cloud based time attendance solution powers comprehensive attendance and scheduling systems. Employees can clock in and out on any device, from any location. Advanced push technology updates all data in real time, so you instantly see who’s working where right now. And because TimeMoto runs securely in the cloud, there’s nothing to set up: no servers, no software, just log in and go. Employee management has never been easier.

cloud based time attendance

Benefits of using TimeMoto cloud based time attendance:

  • Accurate, fast and efficient HR reporting
  • Data is encrypted and securely stored in dedicated data centers
  • Eliminates the dreaded buddy-punching problem
  • Ever-ready and updated data across the network through automatic synchronisation
  • Low cost of ownership – Minimal hardware needed on site and no paying for updates/licenses
  • Flexible clock-in methods anywhere, anytime via desktop browser or mobile app – perfect for retail staff that are seconded to other outlets or roadshows


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