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Simple, Efficient Cash Handling, No More Repetitive Counting

Cash handling process often involves many tiers of manual counting as it passes through different verticals in a company – such as preparation of floats, skimming, provision and delivery of change, counting and re-counting the cash, reconciliations and solving discrepancies. Automating cash handling process can tangibly improve retailer’s bottom line, by factoring in time savings and labour cost reductions.

Gunnebo’s cash management solutions are designed to meet retailer’s requirements and challenges, making the entire cash handling process more secured and efficient. Gunnebo’s cash management solutions automate cash counting, removes repetitive tasks, shorten administration time throughout cash cycle and providing real-time information. The solution can integrate with high definition cameras to further enhance the security level on safeguarding your cash.

Benefits of Moving towards Cash Automation:


  • Efficiency – Auto counting and counterfeit detection at the point of deposit the cash
  • Minimize Errors – Automates cash counting and minimize manual errors


  • Reduce Risk Deposit the cash from time-to-time to reduce the amount of cash holds at the cash till
  • Minimize Pilferage – Process is only between the cashier and the cash deposit machine thus reducing cash exposure to different parties


  • Real-time Visibility on Cash Level – Management has real-time view on how much cash on hand and no need to wait till end of the day.
  • Speed up Reconciliation – Reconciliation can be done anytime through web based reporting software

Cash Management Solutions Cater for Your Business Need

Under counter deposit

  • Staff can complete routine deposits throughout the day, and thus reduce the cash exposure at the cash drawer
  • Suitable for 1-5 cashiers and daily cash collections up to RM100K


Back office deposits

  • Graded safe with a range of integrated technology which streamline back office cash operations
  • Suitable for 5-20 cashiers and daily cash collections up to RM500k

back office deposits



  • Automates float preparations, cash-to-cash exchange, deposits.
  • Recycling notes & coins
  • Speed up shift changes, provides end-to-end visibility of cash movements



Closed cash handling

  • Designed for self check-out tills or payment station
  • No access to cash by store staff
  • Complete end-to-end cash management in store

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