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Grow Your Business by Leveraging Field Proven Retail Analytic

A Video Business Intelligence Tool transforms camera images into marketing insights, assisting retailers to understand customer’s behavior, generate relevant data reports, perform store audits and manage space optimization in any designated retail store.

Our business intelligent tool is capable in varieties of powerful features to gather your business intelligent needs. Video analytics is able to generate real time information and reports on retail store performance, product interaction, on-demand heat map and path maps which will provide a deeper understanding in terms of long term trends along with robust enterprise reporting. These real time analytic reports are prove to be crucial in any retail merchandising strategy and can accessed through online internet connection.

The Business Intelligence Tool that Works for Every Team


  • Global dashboard to overview the store performances
  • Lower expenditures in spending man power and travelling cost for store audits
  • Global visibility to ensure brand consistency
  • Random sport checks anytime, remotely


  • Enjoy better performance metrics to measure in-store promotions and campaigns
  • Perform secret shopping anytime
  • Get real time reports across all outlets when running campaigns

Store Operations:

  • Optimize staffing schedule to maximize sales conversion
  • Audit multiple stores at the same time through your mobile phone, reduce travelling costs, as well as maintain perfect store experience

Merchandising & Store Design:

  • Optimize layout & product placements by discovering customer’s shopping patterns, browse times, hot and cold spots in the store
  • A/B Testing and get facts and figures to make decision



With Prism Skylabs, retails enable to increase sales, reduce costs, and make every store best one with visual access and insights.


  • Real-time visibility into your all outlets at once, remotely from mobile
  • People counting reports with multi-stores comparison
  • Analyze store front conversion by having walk-by versus walk in data
  • Qualify customer shopping journey with Path-map data
  • Hot and cool zones analysis
  • Average dwell time of customer specifically in different zone
  • Crowd and occupancy estimation

Video Business Intelligence Tool | Latest Advanced Business Intelligent Tool

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