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Managing a construction site is a thorough process itself. A site supervisor has to ensure multiple factors to be in order, especially matters that have to be in accordance with numerous building codes, laws and guidelines. Security of a construction site is also vital to prevent any damage or loss of equipment and materials, and mishaps that involve structural failure or worker accidents. Securing construction sites with video surveillance has been an ongoing challenge for contractors and developers as there is usually no perpetual energy or suitable mounting positions for the cameras.

Sensorlink is proud to present a solution to mitigate, if not eradicate these pain points that are plaguing the construction industry. The Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution offers a complete all-in-one operation for advanced mobile video footage recording and it is customisable to cater for live video transmission. Its rapidly deployable design makes it the ultimate choice for rapid protection and its mobility allow quick redeployment within the same site or it being transported to another.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailer Medium Rapid Deployment CCTV Cart Semi-Permanent Rapid Deployment CCTV Unit

Benefits of Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution

  • Quick and hassle free installation at an inconvenient environment electricity and wired network are not present.
  • Reduce the probability of criminal activities at the construction site such as theft and vandalism.
  • Video Analytic function – VA or NVR (optional) alerts the trespassers in the construction site area.*
  • Status-monitoring – App provides the real-time monitoring on site security.*
  • Reduce security manpower requirement at the construction site.
  • The Rapid Deployment Unit solution is able to provide additional surveillance to areas where security guards may lack the physical competence to do so.
  • To foster fellowship between site workers so that they priorities safety. This can be achieved from recording playbacks of any industrial accident(s) that occurred on site, which determines the cause of an accident.


The Rapid Deployment CCTV Unit(s) are available on a rental basis at attractive rates or an outright purchase. We encourage you to reach out to us to better know the solution and to discuss opportunities of strengthening your company’s current and future sites.




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