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License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition Malaysia

License Plate Recognition also known as LPR is a technology where characters from video footage are automatically recognized and recorded for security & traffic analysis purpose. In this case, every vehicle license plate that got captured by the camera set up are processed by a series of pre-programmed algorithms that are tasked to recognize and generate alpha numerical data from the license plate images into text entry. Today the technology has improved largely with the advancement in its algorithm research allowing the technology to be deployed in many different areas such as:

• Customs and immigration border control management

• Carparks in high rise and gated residential parcel, commercial buildings and shopping malls

• Street or highways to monitor vehicles


LPR Application

How does an organization operation benefits from the LPR system effectively? The system records every vehicle registration plate automatically with high accuracy which allows smooth traffic flow which greatly improves visitor experience. A black list of vehicle registration number can be set to alarm security team for faster respond, similarly a VIP white list numbers can be set for special occasional planning. Separately the marketing team can utilize the analytical reports generated from the system for statistics and analysis purpose.

Key Features

A complete LPR system is fully automated in collecting registration plate information of every car it is able to capture. The system generate accurate reports and allows real time monitoring where by inquiry can be made from the system in case of any emergency situation requires it. In addition, the system can identify lists of registration numbers that can be pre-set to alert security team to increase efficiency in preventive responds.

The latest LPR system is not just able to perform well in day time on moving cars and check point barrier but even in difficult environment conditions such as during the night time, rainy period, and foggy situation.




Dottavision Malaysia License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

The Dottavision MY LPR Platform has an effortless user interface that is capable of displaying pictures and videos of real-time passing vehicle showing information and details such as license plate picture, decoded license plate data entry, passing time and subscribers. In addition, reports can be generated with requested time and date period or the exact number plate, making the task more convenient.

The system is uniquely tuned to recognize multiple complex patterns of Malaysia’s car registration plate formats. This is to ensure that accuracy is maintained at an optimum level.

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    *Cars and number plates featured are used in a fictitious manner and for explanatory purposes only. Any resemblance or similarities to reality is purely coincidental.