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Profitability and Sustainability

Living in a multicultural country can mean many things; among them are the many celebrations that are being celebrated throughout the year. One word would then ring in many people’s mind – SALE!!!

While a SALE event is a joyous time for shoppers, it can be a prolonged process for retail personnel who needs to keep prices up to date to be in line with the seasonal catalogues that had been distributed. Not to mention a sudden “ONE-DAY ONLY” promo.


Sensorlink’s latest offering – The Electronic Shelf Label(ESL), is the ultimate solution for in-store pricing management that will instantly upgrade the retail experience for both buyers and sellers.

The price changing process is now more efficient, where the process yields higher price accuracy and takes a shorter time to complete.

In addition, the profitability of perishable goods can be maximized through dynamic pricing as store managers can instantly adjust the prices as and when a clearance is needed.

Shoppers’ experience is now more informational and interactive as the ESL tags are able to showcase more, such as QR codes, which is a gateway to a wide array of information.


The deployment of Electronic Shelf Labels in stores has its direct and indirect positive impacts.

Direct positive impacts would include:

  • An increase in sales as happy shoppers patronize the store
  • A reduction in operation overheads as paper and printing cost are eliminated
  • An overall increase in profitability

Indirect positive impacts would include:

  • An efficient operating workflow, increasing job satisfaction and possibly lowering labor turnover
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the business, making it a sustainable and responsible company


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