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Electronic Shelf Label

We provide solutions to automate in-store price management, bringing accurate price and information on real time basis to retailers’ customers. With the evolving technologies and emphasis on connectivity, this solution helps you take your first step into digital store infrastructure, moving into possibilities of digital retail stores. Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) offers retailers the ability to update content on shelf wireless-ly, quickly and efficiently without the need to print paper tags and deploy employees to change price tags manually.

Electronic Shelf Label
Price change simulation of the ESL Existing in store price management

Benefits of using Electronic Shelf Labels

  • Real-time price updates via wireless communication
  • Almost “zero-cost” to address frequent price changes
  • Immediate response in reacting to market needs for promotional pricing
  • Eliminates risk of error cost due to inaccurate information on labels
  • Gradual increase on profitability – “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”
  • Empower shopping experience and customers engagement
  • Enhances store image & branding
  • Green technology – eliminate the need of printing paper labels
  • Scalability
  • Reusable Tags



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