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Cloud-based video monitoring

Cloud-based video monitoring

Genetec Stratocast is a cloud-based video monitoring service that’s affordable, easy to install, and requires minimal upkeep. It makes video monitoring a reality for every type of business. View live and recorded video that’s safely stored in the cloud from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So you know your business is safe, and your operations are running smoothly, wherever you are.

Stratocast is a hassle-free video security solution. With nothing more than cameras to install at your place of business and a secure connection to the cloud, you quickly enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is protected.

Key benefits of using Stratocast

Cloud-based video monitoring

Access from anywhere

View live and recorded video on-the-go from your favorite device. Monitor multiple cameras and play back video to review incidents and key events 24/7.

Cloud-based video monitoring

Save on infrastructure

Because Stratocast is a cloud based, there’s no need for servers and infrastructure, which significantly reduces the cost of setting up a security system.

Cloud-based video monitoring

Always secure

Video data is securely stored in the cloud, so it is always available, always protected, and only accessible to authorized users


You can benefit from the scalability of Stratocast!

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